Vote for your favourite! – TELUS WISE footprint Comic Contest

The excitement continues for three young digital literacy whiz kids from across Canada as we move into Phase II of the TELUS WISE footprint Comic Contest. Out of more than 300 submissions, we have narrowed down the TOP 3 comic scripts, and students have been working with our design team to illustrate three incredible comics.

Choosing from one of three “What would you do?” digital literacy scenarios outlined below, these top 3 students authored innovative and creative comic scripts that illustrate doing the right thing online, successfully showcasing their creative talents in the spirit of good digital citizenship.

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Students chose from the following digital literacy scenarios:

  1. Troll Trouble You love to post videos of yourself online playing sports and doing other fun things, and someone from school keeps leaving nasty comments on your videos. What do you do?
  2. Gaming Grief You love playing a fun, new virtual reality game online, building new worlds and galaxies. In multiplayer mode, you notice someone keeps breaking down your creations, even though you keep rebuilding them. What do you do?
  3. Silly Selfie You and your friend are having fun taking silly selfies. Your friend posts them online, even though you had asked him/her not to. What do you do?

The contest is open to Canadian youth in grades 2-6, including children of TELUS employees. For full contest rules visit Voting will remain open until November 13, 2017.

TELUS WISE footprint is a digital citizenship program for youth grades 2-6, designed to help students learn how to keep their digital footprint clean. Book a TELUS WISE footprint workshop for your school or youth group today.