Computer Security Day | Safeguard your devices while working on-the-go

Like TELUS, many organizations both small and large, are more frequently onboarding new technologies that allow employees to work where and when they will be most effective. The benefits of this non-traditional work environment include improved work-life balance and increased productivity, as well as time and cost savings for both employees and the companies they work for.

Balancing flexibility and risk

Working from home on an icy winter day, meeting clients off-site and conducting business outside the walls of a traditional office setting comes with the need to keep security top of mind. Even the smallest oversight, like briefly leaving your computer unlocked or unattended at a lunch meeting or conducting business through public Wi-fi, could have a major impact to your business, team members, clients or customers.

This Computer Security Day, November 30, whether you work from home, off-site or in office, below are some reminders to help safeguard your work and keep the security of your organization top of mind:

  • Keep devices close – Be sure to keep your devices with you at all times and avoid letting anyone else access them – even friends and family. If you ever do lose or misplace your smartphone or laptop, remember to contact the appropriate departments immediately so they can take the appropriate steps to secure the company’s data, and replace your device.
  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) – A VPN is an encrypted connection that allows employees to securely access their company’s network when working remotely on a potentially non-secure network (like public Wi-fi). When using Wi-fi, especially in public, it’s important to use a VPN to protect against security breaches.
  • Lock your computer/smartphone – Before stepping away, even for a moment, always remember to lock your computer and other devices This quick and easy step helps ensure any sensitive data isn’t mistakenly seen or accessed by anyone other than you. Always use strong passwords or passphrases, and as tempting as it may be when faced with multiple login credentials, never click “Remember me”.
  • Using a USB? Encrypt, encrypt, encrypt! – Always remember to encrypt your data whenever using a USB; this ensures the info stays secure even if the USB is misplaced or lost. Avoid using any found USBs as they could contain malicious software intended to corrupt your device or steal your data.

If you are fortunate to work for an organization that promotes work-life balance and allows you to work on-the-go, keep these tips in mind and help to contribute to your company’s culture of security and flexibility.

For more tips on how to safeguard your devices check out the TELUS Wise tip sheet or visit