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Is your wearable device tracking more than just your fitness?

Fitness trackers are a popular way to stay fit and active for Canadians of all ages. These devices and the apps they pair with are great at helping us stay mindful when it comes to our health, fitness, sleep patterns and so much more. To be effective, these tools often collect information about us and […]

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How to avoid the summer screen-time trap

A parent recently asked me, “Does screen time make parenting easier or harder?” The short answer is, “It depends.” As a parent of two teenagers born before the smartphone existed, and an eight-year-old, born after the smartphone boom, I have experienced both the positives and negatives of screen-based, mobile technology infiltrating daily life. Lately, with […]

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Ayana, 11 & Naomi, 9

#EndBullying: common questions and guidance

It’s been a few short weeks since we launched the #EndBullying campaign and TELUS Wise Digital Pledge, and in that time we’ve received some commonly asked questions from the public who are also eager to put an end to bullying and help create a positive, friendlier world online. What should kids do if they are […]

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What parents need to know about Twitch

Do your children Twitch? While most kids fidget, I’m talking about their use of the live streaming video platform called Twitch.  Twitch specializes in live streaming video broadcasts geared towards gaming enthusiasts and is supported on a PC as well as various gaming consoles and app stores.  Think of it like YouTube, but where streamers […]

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