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Sarahah: Anonymous app dropped from Apple and Google stores after bullying accusations

A wildly popular anonymous messaging app has been removed from the Apple and Google stores after accusations that it has been facilitating bullying. But the company’s chief executive denies the claims and says the app isn’t meant to be used by younger teens.

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Support Pink Shirt Day by helping make the Internet a safe space for everyone

Pink Shirt Day is inspired by the story of two Nova Scotia teens who invited students at their school to wear pink as a show of support for another student who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. The movement quickly gained momentum and now each year it is a powerful testament to the impact we […]

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PREVNet #SpreadKindness Campaign

Did you know that February 11-17, 2018 is Random Acts of Kindness Week? This article shares information about PREVNet’s #SpreadKindness campaign. As a key TELUS WISE partner, together, we are working hard to help Canadians rise above cyberbullying and spread kindness online. The PREVNet #SpreadKindness campaign informs youth on how to develop and maintain healthy […]

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Getting the Message

Could apps like Facebook’s Messenger Kids lull parents into a false sense of security? As a parent of elementary school-aged children you may have already heard the plea for a phone or a social media account. The debate of how and when children should start using digital products is a hot one, and one that […]

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