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Take the 21-Day Challenge | National Safe Driving Week

Driving is a task that requires complete attention to the road. Inclement weather, unexpected actions from fellow drivers and challenging situations can all arise at a moment’s notice, making it crucial for Canadians to keep their eyes on the road at all times. Unfortunately, however, distracted driving continues to be a significant issue on roads […]

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Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day is inspired by the story of two Nova Scotia teens who wore pink to school as a show of support for another student who was being bullied for wearing pink. The Pink Shirt Day movement is a powerful testament to the impact we can have when we choose to help others rise above bullying. […]

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How long will it take before distracted driving campaigns take hold?

Similar to drunk driving campaigns that took years to take hold before people realized others were getting injured or killed and that it was unacceptable, distracted driving campaigns may also take a while to fully work, Aviva Canada’s chief underwriting officer told Canadian Underwriter Tuesday.

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