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Google can automatically tell if your passwords were hacked

February 5th, 2019 happens to be Safer Internet Day, and Google is celebrating by releasing an awesome security tool that’s available right away for all Chrome browser users. What does it do?

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Three lessons on digital security in a digital world

The news today often features countless headlines that share a very common and sometimes troubling theme: digital security. With roughly 95 per cent of Canadians under 45 using the internet daily and expanding their digital footprints with each click, understanding cyber security and how to safeguard one’s privacy online is more important than ever. Interested […]

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Netflix’s series “YOU” shines a light on online stalking

Like many others, I recently indulged in Netflix’s latest psychological thriller, “YOU”. The show is about a charming (but sinister) bookstore manager, Joe, who quickly becomes obsessed with an aspiring writer, Beck, who visits his store. After their first encounter, Joe searches for Beck online and much to his satisfaction, he easily and quickly finds […]

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Are your social media posts giving away too much this holiday season?

In the excitement of the build up to the holiday season, it can be tempting to share our festive updates online. Posting about get-togethers, travel plans and the gifts we’re buying or receiving is all part of the fun, but oversharing could inadvertently let crooks know they have an ideal opportunity to strike. We don’t […]

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