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3 indispensable tips for seniors on smartphone safety

Do you remember rotary dials, party lines and payphones? These days, the world is just a touchscreen away. The technology is fascinating but for seniors especially, it’s important to balance convenience with security and privacy precautions. The following three tips will help you enjoy all the benefits smartphones offer, worry free: Be App Safe From […]

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How Do Canadian Teens Make Decisions When Sharing Photos?

Building on MediaSmarts’ findings on youth and privacy from our Young Canadians in a Wired World research, our new qualitative study, To Share or Not to Share: How Teens Make Privacy Decisions about Photos on Social Media examines the reasoning that teens apply when sharing photos online. Knowing how young people understand their information rights is […]

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Would you pay an extortionist to get your stolen photos and files back?

Cybercriminals are now “kidnapping” information to make money and there’s even a name for it –ransomware. In a ransomware attack, malicious software is installed on your computer to block access to your personal files or worse, make your device unusable. Cybercriminals then demand money to give you back access to your files or computer and […]

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