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What parents need to know about Twitch

Do your children Twitch? While most kids fidget, I’m talking about their use of the live streaming video platform called Twitch.  Twitch specializes in live streaming video broadcasts geared towards gaming enthusiasts and is supported on a PC as well as various gaming consoles and app stores.  Think of it like YouTube, but where streamers […]

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How to find out what data Facebook and Google are keeping on you

The collection of personal information has never been more commonplace, and it’s destined to grow even more as machine-learning algorithms and voice-assistance technology, specifically designed to learn from human habits, become part of everyday life.   …There is no blanket way to protect personal information online, but there are ways to push back against its unwanted […]

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The Ultimate Parent Guide for Protecting Your Child on the Internet (pt.1)

Introduction We see news stories about the impact of technology on our everyday lives all the time these days. Many of us started to think about how technology affects us personally. But how many of us have stopped to think about how it affects our children? 85% of mothers said they use technology to keep their […]

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