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2017 Smart Social Campaign – free resources for schools and youth

With issues like cyberbullying, sexting and identity theft becoming more frequent, along with the fact that teenagers (and young adults) are least likely to use safe online practices despite being the heaviest users of social media, we believe it’s important to continue educating our youth on staying safe online. In support of this endeavour, we […]

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TELUS WISE virtual workshop

TELUS WISE is a program for adults, including parents, educators and caregivers, engaging participants in a discussion on Internet and smartphone safety to help
keep ourselves, families and communities safe from online criminal activity such as financial fraud and cyberbullying.

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5 tips to help your kids manage their online reputation

First impressions are no longer just about physical appearance, attire, good eye contact and a firm handshake. Increasingly, a first impression is based on the results of a quick and easy Google search, or a scan of someone’s social media accounts. So, what can you do to help your child understand the importance of, and […]

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