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More than $22.5 million lost to romance scams in 2018

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, the RCMP is asking Canadians to be cautious when searching for that special someone online. Known as “romance scams,” some 760 victims in Canada reported losses of more than $22.5 million to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre last year, surpassing all other types of fraud.

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Netflix’s series “YOU” shines a light on online stalking

Like many others, I recently indulged in Netflix’s latest psychological thriller, “YOU”. The show is about a charming (but sinister) bookstore manager, Joe, who quickly becomes obsessed with an aspiring writer, Beck, who visits his store. After their first encounter, Joe searches for Beck online and much to his satisfaction, he easily and quickly finds […]

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Promoting digital well-being and balanced screen time in the New Year

If you and your family were fortunate enough to enjoy some downtime time over the holidays, it’s likely at one point or another you lifted your gaze from your device and the concern of screen time came over you. When school, extracurricular and work commitments aren’t all consuming, it can be even easier to get […]

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