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TELUS | Stand with us to #EndBullying

It may not always feel like it, but there’s an entire team behind you. Together, we can bring good sportsmanship from the field online and #EndBullying.

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#EndBullying | TELUS Wise Digital Pledge

Did you know cyberbullying affects one million Canadian kids every month? TELUS is taking action, not only to help kids rise above bullying, but also to put an end to this damaging behaviour. #EndBullying

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Even with more awareness, cyberbullying isn’t declining in Canada: Ipsos poll

Cyberbullying is just as common in Canada as it was years ago, despite more awareness of the issue, according to an Ipsos poll. The poll found that most Canadians, at 85 per cent, are aware that online bullying is an issue — an increase of five percentage points from a similar survey conducted in 2011.

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