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Getting your “digital household” in order

Spring has sprung! As the trees bud and the flowers bloom, people get motivated to take on projects that lay dormant during the deep freeze. Spring cleaning means a lot of things to a lot of people. Closet cleanouts. Car detailing. Mattress flipping. Garage organizing. And in our increasingly connected world, spring is also a […]

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Tips for using privacy settings

In this document, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada offers tips related to privacy settings when using social media sites or other online services, mobile devices and mobile apps, home digital assistants, wearables and online games.

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TELUS Wise | Tips to help spot phishing emails

Many online threats, including ransomware and viruses, make their way into our digital lives through scams known as phishing emails. This video offers tips on how to recognize common email scams.

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Shared devices and privacy: how to create boundaries for your family

What did you do on your device today? Email? Pay a bill? Check your social media? Read the news? Shop? Now imagine if your child or partner was able to see, watch and read everything that you did. They can if you share devices. And it’s pretty common, most families do. Think about the last […]

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