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Fraud Prevention Month: Know how to spot scams in your inbox

According to Excelacom, an average of 156 billion emails are sent every minute worldwide. This number is difficult to comprehend and it’s not surprising that many of us struggle with email overload. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only thing about multiple emails that can cause us to lose sleep. Many online threats, including ransomware and viruses, […]

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Bitmoji, the future of visual communication – Tips for parents

Have you ever received a text with an emoji that closely resembles the sender’s appearance? If yes, they are likely using the Bitmoji app. I initially heard about this app from my young daughter – she asked to download the app, saying that all her friends were using it. I set out to learn more […]

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More than half of Canadians say they are targeted by scams each month, says survey.

More than three-quarters of Canadians (77 percent) have been targeted by phone, email, text or skimming scams at least once, according to a new survey commission by CIBC.

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