Teachers & Coaches

Together, we can help youth rise above to #EndBullying

"I saw photos being shared online of a girl I knew, and after a while people started bullying her at school too.

I told my teacher what was happening, and he helped before it got worse."

Yva, 15

You can help

As a teacher or coach, you can be influential in promoting a climate of respect and encouraging youth to be kind online. You may also be the trusted adult a child turns to for help if they are experiencing cyberbullying. The following information gives you some tools to engage youth in a conversation about cyberbullying and support those who may need help.

Keep the conversation top of mind

These helpful posters can be good reminders about your discussions and encourage youth to help their peers rise above cyberbullying.

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Make a plan

Talk to and engage your students with this lesson plan and support them in exploring strategies for helping when they witness cyberbullying.

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Slang glossary

Learn what kids are really saying with this glossary of online slang and acronyms.

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How to Help

Help youth navigate cyberbullying with this informative guide.

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Together we can rise above to #EndBullying

Here are just a few inspiring success stories that show standing up to cyberbullying is possible.