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Shared devices and privacy: how to create boundaries for your family

What did you do on your device today? Email? Pay a bill? Check your social media? Read the news? Shop? Now imagine if your child or partner was able to see, watch and read everything that you did. They can if you share devices. And it’s pretty common, most families do. Think about the last […]

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Secure Your Snapchat Account in Just 5 Simple Steps

Image-based services or social services such as Snapchat are interactive by nature and, therefore, youngsters like them more. But that does not mean that only teenagers use these services, even millennials swear by them.

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2018 Smart Social Campaign – free resources for schools and youth

With issues like cyberbullying, sexting and identity theft becoming more frequent, along with the fact that teenagers (and young adults) are least likely to use safe online practices despite being the heaviest users of social media, we believe it’s important to continue educating our youth on staying safe online. In support of this endeavour, we […]

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