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10 Summer Travel Scams You Need to Take Seriously

Be wary when you’re ready to hit the road—scammers await and can cost you hundreds of dollars if you’re not careful. These are the most common too-good-to-be-true schemes out there, with advice on how to thwart would-be thieves.

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Fraud Prevention Month: Know how to spot scams in your inbox

According to Excelacom, an average of 156 billion emails are sent every minute worldwide. This number is difficult to comprehend and it’s not surprising that many of us struggle with email overload. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only thing about multiple emails that can cause us to lose sleep. Many online threats, including ransomware and viruses, […]

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‘Cryptojacking’ hacker trend turns Canadian web surfers into money makers

Scores of Canadians dipped their toes into cryptocurrency mining in recent weeks – they just didn’t realize it. A wave of so-called “cryptojacking” has been sweeping the internet, forcing unwitting web surfers into generating money for cybercriminals.

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