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Are your social media posts giving away too much this holiday season?

In the excitement of the build up to the holiday season, it can be tempting to share our festive updates online. Posting about get-togethers, travel plans and the gifts we’re buying or receiving is all part of the fun, but oversharing could inadvertently let crooks know they have an ideal opportunity to strike. We don’t […]

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Lying Sextortion Scammers Score $250,000 After Sending Victims Their Own Hacked Passwords

Scammers have made well over $250,000 in Bitcoin by duping users into believing they’ve been caught watching porn via their webcam.

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Is your wearable device tracking more than just your fitness?

Fitness trackers are a popular way to stay fit and active for Canadians of all ages. These devices and the apps they pair with are great at helping us stay mindful when it comes to our health, fitness, sleep patterns and so much more. To be effective, these tools often collect information about us and […]

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