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Getting your “digital household” in order

Spring has sprung! As the trees bud and the flowers bloom, people get motivated to take on projects that lay dormant during the deep freeze. Spring cleaning means a lot of things to a lot of people. Closet cleanouts. Car detailing. Mattress flipping. Garage organizing. And in our increasingly connected world, spring is also a […]

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Tips for using privacy settings

In this document, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada offers tips related to privacy settings when using social media sites or other online services, mobile devices and mobile apps, home digital assistants, wearables and online games.

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National Day of Unplugging

Isn’t technology amazing? It saves time spent on mundane tasks, helps us stay in touch with loved ones and communicate with people around the world, and enables us to earn an education, stay abreast of the news, entertain ourselves, and so much more.  It’s no wonder that the evolution and advances of technology continue at […]

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Netflix’s series “YOU” shines a light on online stalking

Like many others, I recently indulged in Netflix’s latest psychological thriller, “YOU”. The show is about a charming (but sinister) bookstore manager, Joe, who quickly becomes obsessed with an aspiring writer, Beck, who visits his store. After their first encounter, Joe searches for Beck online and much to his satisfaction, he easily and quickly finds […]

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