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So you(r teen) sent a nude. Now what?

TELUS is proud to partner with to help keep children safe online. The article below is brought to you by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection and offers insight into, Canada’s tipline for reporting online sexual exploitation of children. Fact: teens send intimate images. It’s not enough to say ‘don’t send a nude’ — […]

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Lying Sextortion Scammers Score $250,000 After Sending Victims Their Own Hacked Passwords

Scammers have made well over $250,000 in Bitcoin by duping users into believing they’ve been caught watching porn via their webcam.

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Safety Concerns with Cake – Live Stream Video Chat app

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection, through its program, wants to make parents aware of the app Cake – Live Stream Video Chat and its risks for teens after recently learning about the app and its significant volume of sexual content. What are the concerns? 1. This app’s content is primarily sexual in nature […]

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