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What to do if you’re addicted to your smartphone

You’re walking down the street and suddenly think you feel a vibration coming from your pocket or purse. You believe your smartphone has just gone off, so you stop to check and discover it hasn’t. This innocent check may be a sign that your body has become conditioned to expect an interaction with your smartphone, […]

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Take the 21-Day Challenge | National Safe Driving Week

Driving is a task that requires complete attention to the road. Inclement weather, unexpected actions from fellow drivers and challenging situations can all arise at a moment’s notice, making it crucial for Canadians to keep their eyes on the road at all times. Unfortunately, however, distracted driving continues to be a significant issue on roads […]

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Are you ready for your summer vacation? And is your mobile phone?

Imagine my surprise and panic when I was on spring vacation in Sayulita, Mexico and temporarily misplaced my iPhone.  Not speaking Spanish, I tried to mime phone motions to the employees at the stores I had visited earlier, while I frantically retraced my steps to see where I may have laid down my phone. I looked […]

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