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Embrace online learning but be wary of fake news

The advent of the Internet has revolutionized learning. From elementary school where students access interactive and educational online activities and teachers encourage online research, through to colleges and universities where entire courses are offered virtually and learners thrive in a digital environment. Even for those of us not enrolled in school, we all seek out […]

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#EndBullying: common questions and guidance

It’s been a few short weeks since we launched the #EndBullying campaign and TELUS Wise Digital Pledge, and in that time we’ve received some commonly asked questions from the public who are also eager to put an end to bullying and help create a positive, friendlier world online. What should youth do if they are being cyberbullied? While […]

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Maintaining a positive and professional online presence

Your professional image and reputation is no longer solely based on your interactions with others during the course of business hours. Your social media presence plays a role now as well. Your digital footprint and what you do on social media is a reflection not only of your personal values and beliefs but also your […]

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