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Maintaining a positive and professional online presence

Your professional image and reputation is no longer solely based on your interactions with others during the course of business hours. Your social media presence plays a role now as well. Your digital footprint and what you do on social media is a reflection not only of your personal values and beliefs but also your […]

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Smart students pay attention to their reputation online

If you grew up with the Internet, you know that it remembers all, from ill-advised photos to inappropriate in-jokes. So it is never too early to start protecting your online reputation. This way, when teachers, professors, coaches, potential employers, or possible boyfriends or girlfriends look you up, you know they won’t unearth anything that could […]

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The Biggest Mistake To Avoid Before A Job Interview

If a hiring manager were to Google your name right now, what would come up? According to a recent study by Domain.Me, more than half the population can’t answer that question. That’s a pretty alarming statistic, considering that 77 percent of recruiters Google their candidates before they even decide to call them in for an […]

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