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Don’t fall victim to common social media scams

Many of us are familiar with phone scams offering free hotel stays or flights, but social media scam artists are becoming so savvy that you might not see them coming. What should be a safe place to network with friends and loved ones is an increasingly popular place for scammers to send ransomware, access personal […]

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Maintaining a positive and professional online presence

Your professional image and reputation is no longer solely based on your interactions with others during the course of business hours. Your social media presence plays a role now as well. Your digital footprint and what you do on social media is a reflection not only of your personal values and beliefs but also your […]

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Social media history could provide alternative to credit checks

If you’re trying to get a loan or a mortgage right now, a good credit score is essential. But in the near future, banks may look to your phone records or social media history to decide whether you’re a credit risk.

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