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Are your social media posts giving away too much this holiday season?

In the excitement of the build up to the holiday season, it can be tempting to share our festive updates online. Posting about get-togethers, travel plans and the gifts we’re buying or receiving is all part of the fun, but oversharing could inadvertently let crooks know they have an ideal opportunity to strike. We don’t […]

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What to do if you’re addicted to your smartphone

You’re walking down the street and suddenly think you feel a vibration coming from your pocket or purse. You believe your smartphone has just gone off, so you stop to check and discover it hasn’t. This innocent check may be a sign that your body has become conditioned to expect an interaction with your smartphone, […]

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Take the 21-Day Challenge | National Safe Driving Week

Driving is a task that requires complete attention to the road. Inclement weather, unexpected actions from fellow drivers and challenging situations can all arise at a moment’s notice, making it crucial for Canadians to keep their eyes on the road at all times. Unfortunately, however, distracted driving continues to be a significant issue on roads […]

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Computer Security Day | Safeguard your devices while working on-the-go

Like TELUS, many organizations both small and large, are more frequently onboarding new technologies that allow employees to work where and when they will be most effective. The benefits of this non-traditional work environment include improved work-life balance and increased productivity, as well as time and cost savings for both employees and the companies they […]

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