TELUS WISE seniors, helping my grandparents navigate our digital world

With two grandparents who are active members of our online community, the TELUS WISE seniors program is incredibly important to me.

At the ripe and vibrant age of 87 and nearly 91, both have been around to see technology evolve in leaps and bounds especially in the last few decades. Always incredibly progressive, active and sociable, it’s no surprise to me that they’ve adopted and come to embrace social media, mobile apps and devices that connect them with countless friends, family and colleagues, some from long ago.

It is remarkable, the ever-connected digital world we live in, and I’m sure they would agree. I remember my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary, my grandfather retelling the story of how they kept in touch after they’d first met – my grandmother attending nursing school in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and him living miles away in the tiny community of Daniel’s Harbour – they would pen letters to one another as their sole means of communication (apart from him hitchhiking the nearly 800kms across the rugged province).

While together they’ve adapted to a multitude of technological advancements, my grandparents still reinforce that digital literacy education for all ages is paramount, and TELUS WISE seniors offer this.

Designed to engage Canadian seniors in a discussion about Internet and smartphone safety, TELUS WISE seniors is offered free-of-charge and covers topics like general Internet and smartphone safety; social networking safety tips; privacy settings and protecting yourself from identify theft and financial fraud. The TELUS WISE seniors guide and workshops offer a wealth of resources.

My grandparents and seniors across the country who are active online, taking advantage of all the Internet has to offer, are fortunate to have resources like this.

I still receive from my grandparents the classic penned letter from time to time – even a cheque on my birthday! – and smile to myself when I see Nan’s latest post about the weather, or Pop tagged in an old black and white photo from the 1950’s that has made its way online. I applaud them for keeping up with the times, doing so safely, and getting the most out of this growing digital world.

Download a copy of the TELUS WISE guide here.