How to report abusive behaviour online

Interacting with others over the Internet can be a wonderful experience. It might be playing online interactive games, connecting via Facebook, texting or sharing pictures. At times we might run into individuals being abusive online. Remember, if someone is being abusive to you or others online there are ways you can stand up safely...

  • Always disclose any questionable incidents online to a trusted friend or loved one. If unsure, contact authorities, such as the online provider or he police, to discuss it with them. Silence will only empower the perpetrator.
  • Experiencing cyberbullying and other forms of aggression while using the Internet can affect your relationships, social life and personal behaviours. The more your loved ones and acquaintances know, the more they can manage their own expectations and support you.
  • Keep a record of everything, whether you experience or witness cyber aggression. This might be needed to talk with authorizes.
  • Block the aggressor. If it is someone you know and trust, consider discussing it with them or, if it is someone you do not trust, take it to the authorities.
  • Report the cyber aggression online. Websites have features that allow you to inform them of any rules being violated.
  • Change your contact information – this may be a last resort, but changing your email address or phone number may be necessary in some cases.
  • Be aware of scams that target older adults. These may appear in your email or web browser. Identify someone in your life with whom you can consult regularly to determine whether content is trustworthy and safe. Being Intenet-savvy will help you differentiate between scams and legitimate content.
  • It can feel impossible to learn the Internet when you haven’t grown up with them. Believe in yourself! The Internet is surprisingly user friendly. Take advantage of the time you spend with younger family members and friends to learn about the Internet. This will not only enhance your knowledge but may also strengthen your relationships.