Taking and sharing photos safely

Many of us love to take pictures and share them with family and friends. There are a couple of things we should think about before taking and posting/sharing pictures online:

  • Always ask someone’s permission before you take, post or share a picture. You should ensure someone asks your permission as well before they take or share a picture of you. This even extends to grandchildren or other children in your life – make sure you have the parents’ approval before take or share a picture with a child in it.
  • Make sure geo-tagging is turned off on your device (e.g. smartphone, tablet) or application (e.g. Facebook) when taking and sharing photos. When geo-tagging is turned on the exact latitude and longitude os included in the photo or videos that you take and post on social networking sites or email. Geo-tagging can be found in your location or camera settings.

The easiest way to find out how to turn off geo-tagging is to go to google.com and serch ‘how to turn off geo-tagging on an iPhone’ or ‘how to turn off geo-tagging on a Samsung’.